What's it like to live in Japan?

Japan is a safe country with a unique, rich culture and world-class career opportunities. In recent decades, the Japanese government has increasingly sought to attract skilled and educated foreigners who can contribute to its high-tech economy.

Local cuisine is healthy, delicious and affordable. Most Japanese restaurants have vegetarian food options on their menu. Or if you prefer, there are a wide variety of foreign restaurants (including Indian) in all the major cities.
The Japanese economy has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the developed world. Japanese companies offer well-paid careers with excellent salary, training and employment benefits.

Photo by Rap Dela Rea
Photo by Lan Pham

Facts about Japan

  • 1st

     Global Automobile Manufacturing

  • 1st

    Longest Life Expectancy

  • 1st

     Most Industrial Robots in Operation

  • 3rd

     Largest Economy

  • 26

     Nobel Prize Winners

  • 200

    High Quality Universities

  • 3rd

     Lowest Global Crime Index

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