What’s it like to study in Japan ?

When it comes to looking at great places to study and begin a new career, the future continues to look bright for Japan. That’s because Japan has enjoyed a phenomenal rate of economic growth in the 20th century. This growth was based on a remarkable expansion of industrial production, the creation of an enormous domestic market, and an aggressive export trade policy.

Today, Japan has one of the highest-performing economies in the world. It has a range of established manufacturing industries, a robust service economy, and is one of the world’s largest producers of automotive, steel and high-tech manufactured goods. 

And when it comes to education, great investment has seen Japan create world-class educational institutions up and down the country. So when it comes to creating a foundation for a future career that’s full of prospects, Japan looks a great choice for the next generation of graduates.

Features of an Education in Japan

Students at many Universities across Japan – especially those specialising in engineering, science and technology – often take part in cutting-edge research projects. And this innovative testing and research takes place every day. By designing, creating and testing new technologies, Universities in Japan have become some of the most advanced education facilities in the world.  So it’s an exciting time to enrol at any one of these colleges.

And there are over 200 Universities in Japan to choose from, all specialising in different fields. Whether you see your career focussing on commerce, law, economics, engineering, science, or and other fields such environmental studies or tourism and hospitality, Universities in Japan give you the chance to take that all-important first step. The rest is up to you!

Japanese Culture

Japan is a place like nowhere else in the world. Utterly unique and captivating, it’s a place where ancient temples and world heritage sites coexist with modern cityscapes  and state-of-the-art technology. It’s both forward-thinking yet steeped in historical tradition, and that’s just a small part of what makes experiencing Japanese culture so special for visitors. And it’s also why Japan is a great choice for young people looking to study abroad.

Studying in Japan

Studying the Japanese language and experiencing Japanese culture alongside your English academic education will enrich your understanding of the world in so many new and interesting ways. And with a greater global insight, you might also find you appreciate your own language and culture in entirely new ways. These kinds of multi-cultural experiences can only benefit you, and will no doubt shape your outlook as you go on to have a promising career.  

A Dream Come True

After studying in Japan, many students go on to achieve great things for companies in Japan or in their home countries. That’s because Japanese companies have a strong presence around the world, and experience studying in Japan will be a real advantage when applying to them. So why not challenge yourself to realize your potential? The journey starts today.

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